The Simplest Tips In Curing Acne

Acne is known to be a common culprit to your skin. It is a skin disease that includes zits, cysts, or even the whiteheads on your face.

The condition occurs during puberty and it can still continue as you age. It may not be dangerous, yet the possibility of getting scars due to acne is possible.

There are various types of pimples that affect the skin, first of which is whiteheads that remain beneath the skin and small in size. A blackhead is the second type that is clearly visible and appears on the surface of the skin.

The third one is pustules that are red at the base and are topped with pus. Papules are also a type of acne that is pink bumps on your skin.

Nobules is also a type of acne that are solid and large pimples. Lastly, cysts are also pimples that are painful and filled with pus. Cysts are the acnes that cause scars.

Reducing acne in your skin can be done even in the simplest ways.

To give you tips regarding this, here are the simple tips in dealing with your acne:

  • Wash twice a daily.

It does not mean that acne is caused by dirt or poor hygiene. But, it is still necessary to maintain a good hygiene.

You should use an acne soap, which is preferably sulfur based every morning and before you sleep. Make sure to gently wash your face and you should avoid scrubbing it, which causes irritation and inflammation in your acne-affected skin.

Furthermore, over washing your face is not an option since this stimulates the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum for increasing your acne.

  • Take multi-vitamins.

Acne is also a sign that your body is deficient with other vitamins and minerals. As always said, skin relies on the vitamins you supply in it.

Once you are deficient, your resistance to complications and side effects is not strong enough. This results to clogging pores, excessive sebum, poor prevention of bacteria, and reduced healing capability.

  • Keep your hair piled up.

It is much better to pull your hair away from your face. Hair promotes more oil in your skin. As a result, your skin will have more breakouts. After workouts, it is also necessary to wash your hair daily.

  • Use honey mask.

Use honey maskHoney mask has a good set of antibacterial properties that help in healing blemishes on your skin. Honey is also gentle on acne-affected skin.

  • Eat vitamin A.

Vitamin A is necessary in preventing acne by strengthening the skin tissues. Moreover, vitamin A promotes the production of sebum. This type of vitamin repairs damaged tissues and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

  • Prevent application of makeup

Applying makeup on your skin can promote clogged pores, which result in blackheads and pimples. However, if you need to wear makeup, you should select water-based makeup.

  • Eat zinc-rich foods.

Zinc is a good compound that fights away bacteria and a diet deficient in zinc results in more breakouts of cysts, whiteheads, and even blackheads.

The Foods to Eat When You’re Pregnant to Avoid Stretch Marks

There are various treatments that help improve your skin and prevent the development of stretch mark in your skin.

There are supplements, creams, serums, and other forms of medications that help improve your skin tone, even if you are already aging.

You have the prescription methods in the form of laser therapy and tretinoin cream to address stretch marks. Also, over-the-counter products are also treatments for stretch mark that are equally effective.

The products are also moisturizers that help improve the appearance of the skin by masking stretch marks.

However, despite the availability of the products, you still have to consult your doctor regarding the best approach to your stretch mark dilemma. But if you want a safer and cheaper choice, you simply add up foods necessary to keep your skin away from stretch marks, especially when you are pregnant.

To give you few of such foods, here are the following:

  • Vitamin E Foods

eating peanut butterThese are foods that improve your skin health so that they would form a barrier against the developing stretch marks in your skin.

Vitamin E repairs damaged skin and it is considered as an antioxidant, which protects your skin from free radicals and contaminants.

Free radicals are known to damage the skin by inducing complication in it through cells. In order to have a serving of vitamin E, you have choices like peanut butter, nuts, wheat germ, avocados, and cooked tomatoes.

These foods reduce the developing stretch marks on your skin instead of treating the marks.

  • Vitamin C Foods

The foods rich in vitamin C protect and maintain the cells of your skin. Vitamin C is also important for it renews your skin into a healthier and younger-looking one.

Furthermore, foods rich in vitamin C target the elasticity of your skin, which results in a reduction of stretch marks development.

The best choices you have are citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, melon, berries, kiwi, and even broccoli.

  • Zinc-rich Foods

These are foods that help develop collagen in your skin. It also plays an important role in improving the appearance of your skin.

It targets collagen, which is responsible for holding the layers of your skin together. It is added that when you have enough collagen, you will prevent the development of stretch marks.

The best food choices under this set are lentils, lean meat, bananas, beans, and raisins among others.

  • Vitamin A Foods

These are foods that protect the skin health as it also promotes the development of new and healthier skin cells. Vitamin A is commonly found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and cantaloupe.

Moreover, you have other choices like mango, pumpkin, apricots, green leafy veggies, and even spinach among others.

The above foods do not guarantee that they will keep stretch marks away. Instead, the foods above, when taken in appropriate amount, will help in reducing the occurrences of stretch marks on your skin.

Bear in mind that during pregnancy, your skin is mostly sensitive and stretching of your skin is immediate or instant, which is one of the primary causes of stretch marks.

How To Get Rid of the Different Types of Scars

No matter how careful we are, there will definitely be times when we will have wounds on our bodies and thus we have scars.

It’s ok if it is in a fairly unnoticeable area or in a place that can be covered by clothing.

However, if it’s in a spot that’s not easy to hide, like on your face, it may be troublesome, and it can get confusing as to what scar removal method will work for you if you don’t know what kind of scar you have.

Why Does Scarring Occur?

When a wound heals, it usually scabs then nothing remains to mark the spot. However, for big wounds, scarring may occur.

This is a natural part of the healing process, but other factors can cause scars when healing from an injury. Genetics, how big and deep the wound is, age, race and even your sex matter.

What Are The Different Types of Scars?

There are four types of scars that occur and these are:

  • Acne Scars – by far the most common. If you suffered from severe acne when you were younger, then you’d have these as a reminder of those breakouts.
  • Hypertrophic ScarsHypertrophic Scars – similar to the Keloid, these scars are red, swollen and look puffy. However, it stays within the confines of the injured area, and can fade away with time so as to be unnoticeable as the years pass.
  • Keloid Scars – these as mentioned before look like hypertrophic scars, but occur beyond the injured point. These happen when the healing process goes haywire and heals something that it shouldn’t. It can cause problems in movement, so scar removal is necessary in some cases.
  • Atrophic Scars – the opposite of the Keloid and Hypertrophic, this is the type of scar that sinks into the skin, usually because the tissue below it has been damaged.
  • Contracture Scars – these usually come from burns though they may occur because of other reasons. This is when the skin tightens in a particular area and movement will be painful and restricted.

What Scar Removal Treatment Should I Choose?

This largely depends on what caused the scarring to take place.

  • Topical treatments like creams, gels and ointments may be prescription or over the counter. Ask your dermatologist for advice on which one is best for you. Don’t just randomly go in and ask for something.
  • Injections work well for raised scars. Your doctor may prefer to use this solo or partner it with other treatments. These may be steroids, collagen or others.
  • Surgical treatments are used when the scars and damage are deep, but on a case to case basis. Laser surgery, skin grafts, excision and dermabrasion are the choices that you will be given.

Always seek medical advice first. It’s best to get all the information you need. Decide on what suits you best and what makes you comfortable.

Don’t do it just because someone told you to. It has to be your choice. Not theirs.

Benefits of Female Enhancement Medications

Fertility and sexual satisfaction is a very important aspect in the lives of both men and women.

However, as the age of a person increases, the amount of libido that is in their blood would also decrease.

In men, it can be manifested as difficulty or lack of stimulus for arousal and sexual dysfunction. For women, it could be also manifested as difficulty of the arousal stimulation and decreased or not enough vaginal secretions that would be needed for sexual activity.

For women, the amount of libido naturally decreases as a woman ages. This is due to the reason that the amount of the female hormones such as estrogen, also decreases as a woman ages.

This can be explained due to the fact that as a woman ages, the number of eggs left in the ovaries also decreases which could contribute to the decrease estrogen and sexual function of older women.

This decreased libido could often time lead to problems in the relationship of married couples.

The good news is that there are now female enhancement methods that would aid a woman attain sexual arousal and good sexual performance. These female enhancement methods usually come in the form of pills but there are also that come in herbal forms.

Improvement of Sexual Libido

female enhancement pillsThis is the main benefit that one can get from taking in those female enhancement pills. What the pill does to your body is to introduce an exogenous amount of estrogen in your body so that it would be able to help stimulate sexual desire and vaginal secretions.

With the now low threshold level of stimulation that a woman needs to attain sexual desire, the partner would no longer need to convince his wife that much. It would be now easier to put his woman to bed and have more intimate time together.

Improves Intimate Relationship

As implicated a while ago, many relationships tend to become problematic and be on the rocks when problems about decreased libido come into play.

If a woman is not convinced by her husband to go into bed and have sex, it would be most likely that a man may go after another girl to look for that sexual satisfaction that he is not getting from his wife.

Thus this may lead to problematic marriages that may even lead to divorce or annulment. But with female enhancement pills, the wife would always be on the go whenever the husband asks for a moment of intimacy.

Stress-Free Life

One of the great side effects when one is taking female enhancement pills is being able to have a stress-free life.

Since both the man and the woman in the marriage are able to fulfill one another’s needs, this would make their relationship much easier and sweeter for the both of them.

Plus they no longer carry with them the burden of not being able to deliver the desires of each other since their hormones are always on the go whenever the opportunity of intimacy comes knocking in.

Natural Means of Breast Enlargement

The breasts of a woman are considered to be a sign of fertility. There are societies in the past (and even some of these exists up to the present) that consider that the bigger a woman’s breast, the more fertile she is.

The men also considers that the bigger the breast of a woman, the more likely that they want them to be his wife and the mother of his kids.

But in most society, the size of the breast does not really matter as long as it would be able to provide milk for the future babies of the mother.

But regardless of the correlation of the size of the breast and being able to breastfeed a baby, there are still many women all over the world who wishes to have a larger breast than what they currently have now.

This is most probably due to the influence of television to the lives of the women of the society because on the viewpoint of the men, the larger the breast of a woman, the more attractive they become.

Of course, the women would like to have a lot of men attracted to them so a lot of them wanted to have their breast enlarged.


Even if a lot of men want their girlfriend, partners or wives to have larger breasts, they do not like the idea of breast implants.

Many of them claim that they don’t like touching a woman’s breast that had implant because the feeling is no longer natural. They still want the natural feeling of the breast however breast implants deprive you of this kind of feeling.

In order to solve this issue, there are actually a couple of ways on how to enlarge your breast the natural way.

  • Breast Massage

Breast MassageOne of the simple yet effective ways of naturally increasing the size of your breast is through breast massage.

A lot of massage parlors in Asia have been using this technique in order to enlarge one’s breast by a cup or too.

Massaging your breast would provide a lot of breast enlargement techniques such as increasing the tone and firmness of one’s breast. The end result would not only to have an enlarged breast but for it to be look firm too!

  • Herbal Medicines

There are a lot of herbal medications that are said to help in increasing the size of a woman’s breast naturally.

The main mode of action of these herbal medications is to enhance the hormone secretion and production that is responsible for increasing the size of the breast by increasing the number and size of the mammillary ducts.

Coupled with constant breast massage and exercise, these may help in the more effective measures of increasing one’s breast size.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

In reality, the size of a woman’s breast is already determined due to genetics.

But with healthy living and lifestyle, one can maintain the fullness and firmness of one’s breast because in some women who do not practice healthy lifestyle, their breast tends to sag and look smaller when compared to firm and well-toned breasts.

Top 5 Clearing Methods For Acne

Acne is relatively a condition that causes zits and pimples. It also includes blackheads, white heads, inflamed patches of the skin, and even cysts. It occurs during the time that the clogging of your skin also happens.

The commonly affected areas of clogging are your pores and every pore has a follicle. The oil present in follicle helps in keeping your skin soft and removing skin cells that are oil.

When too much oil is produced, this is when the clogging dilemma occurs. There are times that the buildup is composed of bacteria, dirt, and cells. The clogging is also called as comedone and plug.

The variations are placed due to the characteristics of the comedone. For instance, when the plug’s top is white, it is whitehead. On the other hand, when it is dark, it is blackhead.

Nonetheless, no matter how many the variations of acne are, there are still ways for you to clear them up on the surface of your skin.

To give you related methods for this, you have to consider these top 5 clearing methods:

  • Antibiotics

These are common treatments for severe acne. Topical antibiotics are simply applied on the skin and it is often in the form of prescribed drug. The common drugs are minocycline and doxyclycline.

An oral antibiotic may be used if the acnes present are way severe and already covering the face. However, this is when the discussion regarding yeast infection and digestive upset enters.

  • Oral Contraceptives

Oral ContraceptivesThese are also effective in clearing up acne. The available brands in low doses are OrthoTryClyclen-Lo and Yaz. The said brands work well by increasing hormone levels.

Furthermore, they also aid in preventing occurrence of breakouts in some women. But be reminded that pills for birth control are linked to blood clots and stroke. In that case, it is much better to discuss the matter with your doctor.

  • Topical Creams and Solutions

Creams and cleansers are available in the market and considered to be the OTC solutions.

The common components of the solutions include salicylic acid, which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells at a faster pace. Benzoyl peroxide is also present, which helps in reducing bacteria and surface oil.

  • Retinoids

Retinoids could be in the form of vitamin A and are at times recommended for acne treatments. Despite the great work provided by retinoids, it also promotes sensitivity to sunlight and skin drying.

  • Isotretinoin

This medication is sold under the brandname commonly known as Accutane. It is used in order to treat cystic acne.

According to some, it is the strongest available treatment. Isotretinoin is an oral medication that is taken for a number of months at a time.

The above medications are the ones you have in the market for better reduction of acne. They are available in various brands and you won’t have a hard time considering what is best for you.

You have the option to consult your doctor, peers, and even the previous consumers.

Top 8 Ways To Prevent Stretch Mark

Stretch mark is also called as stria and striae in plural form. It is often described to as the scarring on the skin, along with the added hue.

Most of the time, stretch mark is caused by the dermis tearing, which may diminish over time, but would leave a visibility on the skin.

Stretch mark is often the result of the skin’s rapid stretching due to rapid weight changes and rapid growth. It is also possibly affected by hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty, hormone replacement, bodybuilding, and therapy among others.

There are various symptoms that help identify stretch mark. Stretch marks appear as purple or reddish lines. As time passes, it gradually fades into a lighter range. The areas of stretch marks are soft to touch and appear empty.

Preventing stretch mark is a better choice, rather than selecting a solution in the market.

To give you great 8 tips regarding this prevention, here are the following:

  • Use oil for scrubbing the skin.

There are various oils that could make up the tip procedure itself. You have choices like flax oil, vitamin E, olive oil, and even baby oil.

The said oils are effectively working and are very easy to use. You just have to massage the oil onto the stretched areas after you had your shower.

The purpose of the massage tip is to keep your skin soft. One good homemade recipe is to mix jojoba oil, 1 ounce sweet almond, and 7 drops of chamomile and lavender oils.

  • Eat healthy foods.

This is the always present tip in taking care of your skin. It is apparent that if you want to protect your skin, you have the responsibility to fill it with vitamins.

You must eat foods like dark green leafy veggies, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts, carrots, and seeds among others.

  • Consistently exercise.

exerciseExercising helps tighten your skin and tone your muscles. It is also helpful in reducing gained fat.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water aids in keeping your skin hydrated without the possibility of tearing,

  • Consistently manage weight.

Gaining weight causes stretch marks, especially if it occurs in a short amount of time. It is particularly difficult to control, yet working out and eating healthy are helpful.

  • Wear maternity bra during pregnancy.

This helps prevent the formation of stretch marks around your breasts.

  • Apply cocoa butter.

This is a common remedy for the stretch mark. It is best to use on a daily basis during your pregnancy days. Cocoa butter aids in controlling the late development of stretch mark.

  • Massage regularly.

Massaging helps in increasing the circulation in your body. It is applicable after showering and during the morning or before sleeping.

The above tips for preventing stretch mark are definitely helpful and approved by experts. Thus, you do not need to worry about the results you are about to gain from the tips.

Be reminded that those are prevention tips. In other words, they are best applied before stretch mark even appears.

Scar Removal Treatments: A Bird’s Eye View

In terms of beauty, scars are usually seen as flaws and we often get self-conscious about them. We often seek to hide them behind clothes, makeup or wish to have them removed.

There are many kinds of scar removal treatments on the market and making a choice as to what is best for us can be difficult, if not confusing.

There are five top picks in terms of scar removal today, and let’s take a deeper look at what they are exactly.

  • Scar Removal Ointments, Gels and Creams – these are easily found in your nearest pharmacy. Many over the counter products are inexpensive and a good way to start. If you’ve gone to see a doctor, prescription creams and ointments are a good deal stronger than the over the counter kind. It takes longer to have an effect however, so be patient.
  • Chemical Peels – This involves using a solution that can as the name states, peel off the topmost skin. If you have a surface scar with no tissue damage, then you can use this one. Make sure that you use one that has a strength level suitable for you. Too strong, and you may regret it. The most common type of peel is alpha hydroxy. Chemical peels can be used at home, or your dermatologist can do it for you.
  • Dermabrasion – often offered at the local spa, dermabrasion is the use of a brush in order to remove the topmost skin so the new skin below it can grow. It can remove acne and light scars easily. As with all other treatments, ask your dermatologist about its suitability for you. Don’t go and do anything well, rash.
  • Laser TreatmentsLaser Treatments – if you have the money and your scars are too deep to be handled by just ointments or a chemical peel, this option is good. A local anesthetic will be used, depending on the laser strength that your doctor chooses. You will have to go back for several sessions, so it might be a trifle pricey as noted. Stay out of the sun and do not peel off the flaking skin! You will be given prescriptions and instructions on how to care for your skin.
  • Surgical Scar Removal – for scars that are deep and have tissue damage, this is the best option. From deep acne scars to serious skin trauma, this by far is the most effective in seeing them disappear or at the very least become less noticeable. The downside however, is the healing time. It may be longer than the other treatments. The doctor may choose to use skin grafts – that is to take skin from another area of your body and replacing the scarred area with it.

As always, do your research and check with your doctor as to what option works best for you. Don’t bulldoze your way through all the medical treatments.

Start slow, don’t expect results to show themselves quickly and make sure you care for your skin more!

Herbal Medication for Female Enhancement

As a woman ages, there are a lot of changes that would occur in her life and in her body as well.

Aging will make a woman look older due to the presence of wrinkles, fine lines and other generalized body problems such as weakness and joint pains.

They normally do come with aging and there is no way that you could prevent this from happening. But one change that many women who are in a relationship and still in their reproductive years are female sexual dysfunction or decreased libido.

What is female sexual dysfunction? Is this normal?

Female dysfunction is defined in simple terms as a decrease in sexual stimulation and activity of a woman due to decrease libido.

As a woman ages, this is normal and can be explained due to the decrease of the normal hormonal secretion in the ovaries as a consequence of the depleting number of egg cells that will be released for ovulation.

This also explains why women who are near their menopause and those who are at the post-menopausal stage are also experiencing problems when it comes to normal sexual function.

Female Enhancements: Herbal Supplements

Even if there are pharmacologic treatments such as pills and intravenous modes of medications to enhance a female’s libido, many still prefer the use of herbal and traditional medicine in order to solve their sexual dysfunction problems.

Aside from the fact that it is a natural source, the side effects that one may expect will also decrease as well.

Below are some of the common natural supplements that one may use to increase her libido and sexual function:

  • Ginkgo Biloba

The root of the plant Ginkgo biloba has been used by many societies all over the world in order to increase a woman’s libido.

Its effects have already been proven and thus there are many products all over the world that includes this in their ingredients such as coffee, tea and other pills.

Aside from being able to overcome a woman’s sexual dysfunction, there are also other benefits that one could get from this medicinal plant such as improved cognitive function and increase memory retention.

In some people, Ginkgo biloba is associated with many side effects therefore it is best to consult your doctor before taking in this medicinal herb.

  • Yohimbe

yohimbeFamous in some of the societies in China, the plant Yohimbe has been used there to primarily treat problems of sexual dysfunction.

The bark of this plant is being used in concoction that could be taken in by women. Since it has been used for a long time and thus its purpose has been proven effective.

However, there have been associations with dangerous side effects thus a woman must not take this medicinal herb liberally.

  • Damiana

Lastly, Damiana is an herb that is being used by people in Central America to enhance sexual function both in men and women.

Even if there are no scientific evidences of this herbal medicine to really improve sexual dysfunction, those who have used this product claimed to have increase sexual stimulation and activity and anti-depressant as well.

Breast Enlargement Benefits, Risks and Complication Prevention

The things that people see in television play a very important role in shaping their lives and the community as well.

If the TV shows the society people who look good and look tall, a lot would want to become taller too.

If the TV shows us that having a red hair would look cool, then red hair would then become a popular trend for everyone. Basically, the television dictates the way of life for many members of the society.

One common and a very popular example is how the women look. For most of the TV personalities that we see on television, it is apparent that a lot of them have bigger breasts.

With this bigger breast, a lot of men are easily attracted to them. Aside from that, it also makes a girl’s body look beautiful, sexy and perfect. Since this is the trend that is commonly seen on TV, a lot of girls also wanted to have enlarged breast like what they see on their stars on television.

With this said, for many years now, the method of increasing the breast size has been popular all over the world. Most of the people who do this are TV personalities and known models.

But due to the popularity of the breast enlargement procedure, its cost has reduced.

Also, there are many physicians and plastic surgeons that are now trained for doing this thus the entire method of enlarging the breast is easily accessible and friendly to one’s pocket.

Benefits of Breast Enlargement Procedures

breast enlargement proceduresThe main benefit that you could get from these breast enlargement procedures is cosmetic beauty and aesthetic effects.

If not most but all women who undergo breast enlargement procedures only wanted the same thing and that is for them to have a beautiful and curvaceous body so that a lot of men would be attracted to them.

Medical reasons for having to undergo a breast enlargement procedure are rare and are not very common in the society today.

Risks of the Breast Enlargement Procedures and Prevention of Complications

Even if the breast enlargement procedure is common all over the world and is being practiced by many trained plastic surgeons, there are also risks that come with it.

The most common risk is would be rejection of the body to the implanted silicon or saline component. Each person’s body is different and thus the reaction to the implants may vary.

There are some that after they undergo the procedure, the body will reject the implants causing infection and further complications to the person.

Thus it is very important that one must discuss thoroughly with her plastic surgeon with regards to the risks that she may acquire after the surgery.

On the other hand, the surgeon must also present all the options to the patient and explain all the complications that may arise so that the patient will be able to select the type of implant and procedure that would be most appropriate for her.

With all these preliminary measures observed, one would be able to enjoy her enlarged breasts without the complications.